Thursday, 28 April 2011

Best of Oxford Gardens 2010-11

If your looking for beauty here it may not be the sort of thing your expecting. The Best of British Gardens is a record of the quirky the untidy,eccentric, unkempt,and interesting collections of junk within the City of Oxford.
Have fun looking through the set it was fun putting it together,enjoy
Best of British Gardens 38

Errr slide,scooter chair fence post,cardboard tube,carpet,cuddly toy!! Words almost failed me with this one,i was late formy class but fuck it i had to stop ,i had too as i would have been thinking about it all day. Seems like we have a little obsession coming on,whatever !!

Lumix DMC LX3
Cornwallis Road Oxford 2011

Best of British Gardens 2011 no 52
Proud, and every right to be!!
A British version of the Great Iwo Jima flag moment only without the people. Seriously this is a loaded statement from the flag owners, but i'll leave that up to you to guess.
Oxford 2011

Best of British Gardens no 32
rubbish,suits me as it makes interesting combinations and contrasts.

Nikon D90 ACDsee Pro 3

Best of British Gardens 2011 no 42
Self Portrait with Wicket and small pitch

Off Ridgefield Road Oxford 2011

Nikon D50 ACDSee pro

Best of British Gardens no 34
No 34
A lot neater with this gardens block paving,(a job i did for a while),but whats interesting is for once we see a sense of order and tidiness. The armchair is there for taking a rest after all your recycling work, also for taking in the great view.

Cricket Road Oxford 2011

Best Of British Gardens 54
I hung around watching a guy go in and out of this garage, i had the feeling something would come of it, and within a few minutes he was throwing these toys out. The blue doors made a good backdrop,damn !! i hope that moose is still
there tomorrow .

NikonD90 ACDSee Pro
Oxford 2011

Best of British Gardens no.30
No 30
A nice grouping of rubbish bins, broken furniture, bicycles,washing and the lush lawn.
This is one of my faves.

Cricket Road where else?
Oxford 2011


  1. What a fascinating set Mike. Hope you didn't get caught in the act lol.

    Have a great week.

  2. june you are the first to comment ever lol!!
    i get seen sometimes but people are generally ok
    thanks for being the first