Monday, 30 May 2011

Street Life

Radcliffe Square 5
Radcliffe Sq 5 /Oxford 2011/ Nikon D90 CS3 Silver Efex Pro /ACDSee Pro 3

Broad Street 30
Broad Street 30 / Thoughts / Oxford 2011 Nikon D90 Silver Efex Pro

Lee and Hod
Lee and Hod
I took a few photos of Lee, well i suppose you would if you like doing street portraits and its not that you get to see a bloke and his hod every day of the week. He was a nice guy very chatty and curious about the photography so i explained what i do and he was cool about it. He was starting a job on the other side of town and was waiting to be picked up,good luck and thanks.
Nikon D90 /Oxford 2011

Catte Street
Catte Street/Hot day but she was in the shade,maybe she just liked to put things on her head. /Oxford 2011/Nikon D90 Silver Efex pro

Broad Street 75
Broad Street 75 /Nick Turner from Newcastle on holiday here in Oxford with his wife and well cosy Cocker spaniels,This is just two of them they had four altogether. Thanks for the photo/Oxford 2011 Nikon D90

Oxford People
Oxford People / Sinead Tully & Jack Taylor students at Somerville l and St Hughes colleges Oxford. Thanks for your time and photo.guys / Sheldonian Oxford 2011/ Nikon D90 Silver Efex pro ?ACDSee Pro 3

Argument /Sandals have never had a good relationship with trousers,or socks come to think of it./Cornmarket Street Oxford 2011 / Nikon D90 ACDSee Pro 3

DBC Delivery Obviously
Delivery / Broad Street.
There's something about the graphics of this food company,like there really big!! Ive seen them a few times parked here in Broad Street delivering but this time i hung around to get some contrasts and passers by to give a sense of scale. They always seem to work well converted to black and white. Oxford 2011

Bath New shopping centre / Nikon D90

Oxford Street Life
Oxford Street Life /Oxford 2011 / Nikon D90 Silver Efex pro

Radcliffe Square 5
Radcliffe Square 8 /Maddy, Oxford Student
She knew about the student protest and occupation of the Radders, she also knew about the custard cream survival tactics. I say no more.

Thanks for the chat and photo.

Bodlian Blokes
Bodlian Blokes /Working on the flooring apparently nice friendly guys and happy to be photographed./ Oxford 2011 /Nikon D90

The Two Busketeers and Crowd
The Two Busketeers and Crowd /Pat and Rory with large child /Cornmarket Street
Oxford 2011/ Nikon D90

Cornmarket Street
African Dance Group Cornmarket St Oxford 2011 Lumix DMC LX3

Broad Street Life
Bruno with Big Issue Seller
Big issues sellers although part of the street scene, hold a little interest with me but i tend to be more interested in their dogs. Im a dog lover thats it full stop always have been always will be so i enjoy the challenge of taking photos of them. Little Bruno here is a very friendly little bloke and always up for a wag when you meet him.I had no idea what he was checking out up the street, maybe he was embarrassed, but in many ways it makes the picture . Keep safe matey!!
Oxford 2011
Nikon D90

Disdain /From the moment he spotted me he glared,he had that look of disdain, "Bit of light reading then?" i smiled, he didn't, and carried on.
Ha ha !!Broad Street 2011 / Nikon D90

Dennis on the Turl
Dennis on the Turl /Dennis the Lawnmower on double yella's attracting attention as always.

Turl Street Oxford 2011

Radcliffe Square 17
Fairtrade Day
One of two Japanese volunteers on Fairtrade Day in Oxford March 2011. It wasn't long after the Earthquakes so we were naturally concerned about them,but all was ok.They came out with Margaret and me for a photo shoot around famous Oxford buildings, like the good old Radders here, Herftford College Bridge, and Magdalen College. They were great fun and participated in all the activities in which i thought was a great promotion exercise for the cause.
Domo arigato Panasonic Lumix DMC LX3

I was sitting down for some time waiting to get a a good shot of these two as they were both wearing black. There was always something unwanted in the frame, it was one of the entrances to Radcliffe Square and people were pouring through. They got up to go and i managed to get this through the Bodlian walkways.I had the Candid Silhouettes group in mind as i hadn't posted anything there for a while. Oxford 2011 Nikon D90 Silver Efex Pro

City of Bristol Pipes and Drums
Bath Avon
Nikon D90

Three Photographers
Three Photographers / Catte Street / Oxford 2011/ Nikon D90 ACDSee Pro 3

Gloucester Green
Gloucester Green/ Summertime when the living is easy!! or lazy bastard blocking a doorway / Market Day/ Oxford 2011 / Nikon D90 Silver Efex Pro

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