Monday, 4 July 2011

Cornbury 2011

Its that time of year again when your mates who play in bands have to do the festivals,the band in question is Oxfords 5 piece Rock legend Easy Tiger. As a photographer and groupie you kinda get invited,usually,but this year i wasn't taking any chances so i asked and it paid off.The deal is that i take some pictures of the band which is only fair, but it also give me the opportunity to explore the rest of the festival site and you get some interesting looking people here.The Tigers played one of their best sets ever, they just fucking rocked,eat your hearts out Status Quo.See i didn't mention the howler Dann lol!!
Love ya!!

Dann and Tim
Dann and Tim(with spinal taps recording label t-shirt) / Easy Tiger band members Cornbury 2011 NikonD90

Essentials 2
Essentials 2 Cornbury Festive Oxfordshire 2011 Nikon D90 Colour Efex pro / ACDSee pro

Liar Liar!!
Liar Liar!!/ The Young Prince always the willing model here outside the pant tent at Cornbury Festival.Its a shame he didn't have his cowboy hat as this would have been ideal, still we settled for the Elvis shades in gold and some cool plastic necklaces. The Adidas top gave it that sporty edge and up for it kind of feel.

Ady Davey singer/guitarist with Easy Tiger

Tim Turan
Tim Turan warding off bad drum vibes. Cornbury 2011 Nikon D90

A young princes essentials for a festival of dreams (what??)

Cornbury Flags
Cornbury Flags 2011 Nikon D90
This scene reminds me of a Kurosawa movie. I could have very happily sat there in the middle with some cool samurai armour on waving people about with one of those funny shaped fans they had.

Dann and shades
Dann and shades / Easy Tiger Band Cornbury Festival Oxfordshire 2011 Nikon D90

Easy Tiger
Easy Tiger Dann and Ady Riverside Stage Cornbury 2011 Nikon D90 ACDSee Pro

Distraction. All It takes is a few balloons to fly over and every one goes for their cameras, i must admit they formed some nice groupings and various photo opportunities Cornbury Festival nr Charlbury Oxfordshire 2011 Nikon D90

Waiting for Wilko
Life after Wilko.Nikon D90 2011

Garland and Daves Kilt
Garland and Daves Kilt./There were so many young women wearing these but only one photographer wearing a kilt. See ya next year Dave. Cornbury 2011 Colour Efex Pro
Nikon D90

Blonde Tele
Blonde Tele Danns 60s Fender Telecaster. Easy Tiger Band Cornbury 2011 Nikon D90

Alive and Well!!
Alive and Well and hanging out at Cornbury 2011/ Ady Davey Singer / Guitarist with Easy Tiger / Nikon D90 ACDsee Pro

Essentials 3
Essentials 3 Cornbury Festival nr Charlbury Oxfordshire 2011 Nikon D90 Silver Efex Pro

Young n groovy vibe, dancing to the Easy T's Cornbury Festival 2011 Oxfordshire
Nikon D90

Ady as Dame Edna
Easy Tiger Member with Dame Edna thing going 2011

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