Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Port Meadow August 2011

Slightly bored as usual , i noticed a mooring flotilla next to the bank,
as i stood on it it sent out a wave of ripples,mmmm! !fun and games for
the next half an hour.Ive always been stuck as to what to do with a
camera on Port Meadow, somehow something clicked this time. I'll get back
here before the Summer ends as the light is so great.

Port Meadow 2
Port Meadow 2Oxford 2011

Port Meadow 4
Port Meadow 4

Port Meadow
Port Meadow Mooring Flotilla/ Relaxed but not bored. seriously i was!!
It was a brilliant evening on the meadow the light was dropping down
which was right nice for people like me with cameras.

Port Meadow 5
Port Meadow 5 Oxford 2011 Nikon D90

Port Meadow 3a
Port Meadow 3a College Barge + duck/ Nikon D90 ACDSee Pro 4


  1. Some very calm and serene images here, Mike.

    The two swans look good in that choice of portrait frame. The change from light to dark on that photo is very natural and well processed. Wonderful Silver Efex eh?

    All nice images. Taken with time and care.

  2. thanks Bill
    Lucky moment with the swans. I also used Colour efex pro too which has some interesting templates.

  3. A lovely series Mike. I had to smile at the one with the girl on the boat using her laptop !! You can't get away from them can you, and if you can't take your laptop with you, you have the iphone lol....

    Have a great Sunday

  4. thanks for your comments june
    hope you have a good one too!